About the Journal

Journal of Criminology and Criminal Law is a scientific Journal aimed to promote theoretical and practical experiences of criminology, criminal law, penology and similar scientific disciplines. It is the only scientific journal of that kind in this region.

The Journal has been published continuously since 1962 and has the category of a top level journal of national significance (M51).

The journal is published regularly three times per year. Issues 1 and 3 are in English, while number 2 is published in Serbian.

Co-publishers of the Journal are: Serbian Association for Criminal Law Theory and Practice and Institute of Criminological and Sociological Research.

All papers are peer-reviewed and peer reviews are anonymous.

The Journal is distributed to many faculties, institutes and other scientific-research organizations as well as to judiciary bodies in Serbia and across the region.

Journal’s tradition and the quality of papers published in it have been making it interesting for and respected by all researchers in the field of criminal law studies.

Apart from long tradition and the respectability of authors, this journal has earned its status due to strict criteria regarding the content and methodology of papers selected for publication.